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How to Check Installation Environment of Security Door?

How to check the installation environment of the security door?

How to check the installation environment of the security door? The security gate is a kind of detection device for detecting whether a person carries metal articles or not, also known as the metal detection gate. It is mainly used in airports, stations, large conferences and other public places with a large flow of people to check hidden metal objects on people’s bodies, such as guns, controlled knives, etc. When the inspected person passes through the security gate and the metal carried by the person exceeds the preset parameter value based on weight, quantity or shape, the security gate will immediately alarm and display the location of the metal that caused the alarm, so that the security personnel can timely A metal object was found that the person was carrying with him.
When installing the security door, if the machine cannot be turned on, first check whether the voltage is within the normal range. If the power supply voltage is lower than 180V, the machine cannot be turned on. It is recommended that the customer purchase an adjustable booster for power supply; if the voltage is within the normal range Limitation, first test the input terminal of the transformer, if there is no 220V voltage, check whether the fuse is burnt out, if there is 220V, check the small transformer, and check whether the output has 6V voltage, if so, check the delivery board 5V voltage, and then continue to check the voltage to the power button. Many people don’t know how to install the security door. In fact, it is not difficult to install the security door in Guangdong. The operation is very simple, just pay attention to some problems during the installation process.

【Installation Environment】

  • 1. Stationary metal objects
    When installing the security gate, it should be at least 50cm away from stationary or fixed large metal objects, otherwise it will cause false alarms.
  • 2. Movable metal objects
    Large movable metal objects should be 1-2m away from the security gate to avoid false alarms, especially when installing security gates at factory gates and the bottom of buildings, attention should be paid to the alignment of rolling gates, iron anti-theft doors and gate mesh iron gates. The impact of the security gate, the larger the area of ​​various metal objects, the farther the distance between the security gate and the security gate.
  • 3. Floor vibration The floor should be flat and firm, so as to prevent unnecessary false alarms from being shaken due to the movement of people or the movement of metal objects after the security gate is installed.
  • 4. Electromagnetic radiation and electromagnetic interference
    Since the security gate adopts bilateral transceiver technology, any source of electromagnetic interference and electromagnetic radiation must not be close to any side of the security gate. The recommended distance is 1-2m. Various possible electromagnetic interference sources and electromagnetic radiation sources are listed below: electrical control boxes, radio frequency equipment, electronic computers and peripheral equipment, video monitors, high-power motors, high-power transformers, AC power lines, thyristor control circuits (high-power switching power supplies , inverter welding machine), engines, machines with motors, fluorescent lamps with old electronic ballasts attached.
  • 5. Problems that need to be paid attention to when using multiple security doors side by side. When using multiple security doors side by side, each security door will have a certain degree of influence on each other. The selected working frequency is related; when installing multiple security doors, it is necessary to turn on the automatic frequency setting function, and start them up one by one in sequence. The frequency cannot be repeated. Note that the distance between the security doors should not be less than 50cm.
  • 6. It cannot be installed in places with strong wind
    The door body will swing slightly when the wind blows, which will cause false alarms when the security door is working.