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How to Carry Out Post-maintenance and maintenance of the Pedestrian Turnstile Gates?

How to Carry Out Post-maintenance and maintenance of the Pedestrian Turnstile Gates?

With the installation and use of smart pedestrian gates in more and more places, the post-maintenance and maintenance of the gates has also become a topic of concern to people in order to effectively improve the service life of the gates. In fact, the long-lasting use of a gate is not only related to the quality of the gate itself, but the subsequent maintenance and maintenance are also the key to determining the service life of the gate.

How to maintain the turnstiles for a longer service life?

We all know that when our turnstiles are commissioned and put into use, with the extension of use time, the internal components of the turnstiles will have different levels of wear. This is the same as the mechanical products such as automobiles and airplanes. It is usually good. Nursing and maintenance can continue the service life of the turnstile and ensure the good performance of the turnstile.

  • 1. If the exterior box of the pedestrian gate is painted or sprayed, wipe the external dust with a soft cloth. If there are external injuries such as scratches, you can use the same color paint to repair it, but Be sure not to paint the part of the beam, otherwise it will cause false alarms of the turnstile, which will cause unnecessary trouble.
  • 2. Maintenance of the gate movement first, cut off the power supply, open the cover of the gate to clear the dust on the surface, and then make the rotating parts smooth with oil, and the gears and other parts can also be slightly oiled.
  • 3. Check whether the screws and connecting rods inside and outside the turnstile are loose, and tighten them.
  • 4. The maintenance and maintenance of the turnstile circuit cut off the power, clean the external dust, and remember not to use water or a damp cloth to avoid the occurrence of short-circuit power and other conditions. According to the operating conditions, check whether the circuit has problems, whether it is loose, whether there is an occurrence of leakage, etc., if there is a condition such as aging of the circuit, it must be changed in time.