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How to buy a suitable electric retractable door?

How to buy a suitable electric retractable door?

Whether it is an electric retractable door or a manual retractable door, it is widely used in public places. It is mainly used for the gates of government agencies, enterprises and institutions, and movable fences. At present, the retractable doors on the market have a variety of materials, functions, and brands. , How to choose the telescopic door suitable for your enterprise?

Tips and points for purchasing retractable doors:

  • 1. Whether to use electrophoresis material:
    High-quality and qualified retractable doors generally use electrophoresis and oxidation on the surface of their aluminum profiles. After electrophoresis, the surface of the aluminum material will be smooth and bright for a long time without fading. There are still other processes on the market. The method can also make the surface of the retractable door smooth and beautiful for a while, but after a period of use, the surface will gradually lose its original effect, so you must pay attention to this when purchasing retractable door products.
  • 2. How about the door row spacing:
    The so-called door row spacing refers to the distance between each aluminum material on the surface of the retractable door. In order to reduce the production cost of the product, many manufacturers increase the door row spacing of the retractable door by itself, which seriously exceeds the industry standard. The price of retractable doors is calculated by linear meters, so when purchasing retractable door products, you must pay attention to this point. Don’t just pay attention to the total length of the retractable door and ignore the distance between the door rows.
  • 3. The quality of the bottom plate of the machine head:
    Whether it is an electric retractable door or an automatic retractable door product, it relies on the head driving part to drive the entire door to expand and contract during use. Therefore, the weight and strength of the head bottom plate are particularly important. There are currently three types of bottom plates on the market: The quality of cement floor, thin iron plate and cast iron floor is better than that of cement floor. Naturally, the price is also higher.
  • 4. Quality of sliding structure:
    When choosing a telescopic door product, you must pay attention to its sliding structure and its quality. It is recommended to choose a double-sliding structure telescopic door product for installation, because most of the telescopic doors appear after a long-term operation of the traditional single-sliding structure The door body is loose or even fall apart, while the double sliding structure of the telescopic door does not appear this phenomenon.
  • 5. Manufacturer information:
    When selecting retractable door products, in addition to the above-mentioned various components and details, you must also pay attention to the manufacturer’s information, especially the description of retractable door products, to see if it has industry standards and whether it is produced by a regular manufacturer. , After-sales service, etc., and try to include these in the purchase contract to ensure their rights.

Precautions for purchasing retractable doors:

  • 1. Clarify the structure of the telescopic door:
    Unlike other door and window products, retractable door products have a complicated composition structure. Therefore, when selecting retractable door products, you must understand the composition structure in advance, so as to facilitate your own product selection. The retractable door is mainly composed of the door body. It consists of three parts, the nose and the controller.
  • 2. Select the structure of the telescopic door:
    When purchasing retractable door products, you must carefully select the three parts of its door body, machine head and controller. The current door body materials on the market are generally divided into three types: stainless steel, aluminum alloy door body, and die-cast aluminum. To understand in advance what material you need to buy the telescopic door body, the head is composed of drivers and electrical components. Drivers are divided into three types: ordinary linear type, luxury full remote control type, and intelligent robot trackless type. When purchasing a retractable door, you must also specify which type of driver is required. At present, the controller of the retractable door on the market is mainly composed of It is composed of control box, desktop controller, and handle remote controller. Therefore, when selecting the controller of the retractable door, we must pay attention to the careful selection of these three aspects.
  • 3. Pay attention to the energy saving of retractable doors:
    When choosing telescopic door products, we must also pay attention to its energy-saving performance. Generally, the energy-saving performance of the telescopic door is mainly made by the material of the outer frame of the electric retractable door and the inner frame of the retractable door, whether it is thermal insulation or not; whether the middle plate is used It is determined by factors such as energy-saving and environmentally-friendly materials, so you must choose these carefully when purchasing.