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How many kinds of automatic lifting columns are divided into?

How many kinds of automatic lifting columns are divided into?

How many kinds of automatic lifting columns are divided into?

Introduction of automatic lifting column

The automatic lifting column is a kind of high-safety equipment that provides channel safety and prevents vicious collision attacks. The protective performance of the automatic lifting column can fully meet the needs of civil security and is frequently used in daily life. It is suitable for vehicle access control places with large traffic volume and medium safety requirements. Mainly used in prisons, public security systems, military bases, banks, embassies, airport VIP channels, government VIP channels, schools and other places. There are also some civilian equipment, which has a lower impact resistance, which is mainly used in gymnasiums, villas, pedestrian streets, etc.

Automatic lifting column classification

  • 1. Electromechanical automatic lifting: the lifting of the column is driven by the built-in motor of the column.
  • 2. Pneumatic fully automatic lifting column: Air is used as the driving medium, and the column is driven to rise and fall through an external pneumatic power unit.
  • 3. Hydraulic automatic lifting column: hydraulic oil is used as the driving medium. There are two control methods, namely, driving the column up and down through the external hydraulic power unit (the drive part is separated from the column) or the built-in hydraulic power unit (the drive part is placed in the column).

Various automatic lifting column functions

  • 1. Electromechanical automatic lifting: Electromechanical automatic lifting column barriers are usually used in public parking space management and private courtyard vehicle access control and other demand projects. The electromechanical automatic lifting column roadblock uses a low-voltage DC motor with electronic brake as the power unit, which is safe and reliable. Taking into account the application characteristics of electromechanical fully automatic lifting column barriers, all moving mechanisms and power components are protected below the ground. Once a vicious collision is encountered by a vehicle, the moving structure and power components will be preserved, and the bollard outer tube is convenient for rapid speed The replacement greatly reduces the maintenance cost. In addition, the unique structure ensures the stable operation of the motor in the harsh outdoor environment and avoids the hidden danger of failure due to rain.
  • 2. Pneumatic automatic lifting column: the pneumatic automatic lifting column barrier uses air as the power system, which is in line with the trend of energy saving and environmental protection. In addition, the pneumatic automatic lifting column barrier also has unified control, power and control The unit is centralized, the response speed is fast, and the movement is supported in disguised form.
  • 3. Hydraulic automatic lifting column: Hydraulic automatic lifting column roadblocks are usually used in places that meet the requirements of high-security passage control, such as governments, power stations, military warehouses, airports, etc., using hydraulic power systems, based on independent applications And the different requirements of high-safety applications correspond to the two structures of the built-in hydraulic general name and the external hydraulic unit. This kind of lifting column has sufficient power, stable operation, fast fluid speed, and high safety equipment. By installing a hydraulic energy storage device, it can even achieve rapid lifting emergency response in sudden fa situations