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How long does it take for a complete booth to be produced and shipped?

How long does it take for a complete booth to be produced and shipped?

There are various styles of guard booths, and the accessories and materials are also different. The materials are selected according to the styles customized by customers. Because we are a manufacturer specializing in production, customers have to go to the market to buy each material after they have customized them. After purchasing, they have to repeatedly confirm the size, style and interior configuration until the whole process is well communicated with the customer and the materials are well matched. Production started after that.

In the production process. Because the production of the post box is a delicate job. It needs to be welded firmly in every corner, and the welding is sealed with neutral glue to completely prevent rain leakage and water seepage. Only when customers use it can be assured of safety.

For small booths, we generally need 7-15 days to complete the production, while the production cycle of large booths is adjusted according to the overall difficulty. While the customer is waiting, the masters who make the box will repeatedly check the box and experiment to ensure every detail of the box, so that customers can use it with confidence.

  • 1. Material selection
  • 2. Frame welding
  • 3. The overall welding is completed and the glass is installed
  • 4. The production is completed and the delivery is arranged