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Highlights of New Energy Battery Testing and Selection of Touch Devices

Highlights of New Energy Battery Testing and Selection of Touch Devices

New energy vehicles are in a new trend, and the development of lithium batteries has also achieved a trillion market value. The development and application of power batteries and the advancement of new energy vehicles are inseparable. As a core part of new energy vehicles, the quality of batteries is related to battery life and safety issues.

On the market, batteries that charge fast, discharge stably, and can operate stably even in a large temperature difference environment are the favored objects in the power battery field. However, the reality is that the electric car suddenly does not move when driving; obviously there is still 50% of the electricity just now, and only 5% is left in the next second; and the battery does not discharge when driving in a low temperature environment. In a high temperature environment, the battery does not discharge. Burning, etc.
The stable operation of the battery is still the most concerned issue for the development of new energy vehicles. How to ensure the quality and stability of the battery has also become an important task. Therefore, in the automated battery production line, battery inspection has become the most important link in battery production.

The most popular testing equipment for lithium batteries in the market-fully automatic X-ray inspection machine. The working principle of the equipment is to emit rays through the X-RAY generator, penetrate the battery, receive X-ray imaging and take pictures by the imaging system, process the images through related software and automatically measure and judge, determine good and bad products, and The defective products are selected, and a set of imaging system online detection analysis is aimed at the online automatic detection of laminated power batteries. The front and back ends of the equipment can be docked with the production line, and the detection is automated and efficient.


  1. Automatic detection: automatic detection and judgment, automatic sorting of good and bad products
  2. Real-time monitoring: real-time monitoring of all actions, signals, and hardware status, and presenting them on the software operation interface
  3. Image and data storage: multiple detection images and data of the same battery are displayed in the same software interface for easy observation and recognition
  4. Safety and environmental protection: the entire equipment is interlocked safely, with triple protection functions, and any parts on the surface of the fuselage meet the safety radiation standards

The application of touch control equipment in fully automatic X-ray inspection machines is mainly equipment control and software operation, monitoring and display analysis during operation. It requires the touch device to have high-parameter configuration and smooth operation, with touch mode, support glove touch mode, multiple USB ports, high-speed data transmission, multiple installation methods, embedded and cantilever, and can start and stop without opening the door.机设备。 Machine equipment.

Intelligent Industrial All-in-one Machine:

  1. Standard J1900 motherboard + equipped with high-performance CPU, memory storage can be customized to ensure smooth operation of customer software
  2. Configure capacitive touch mode, the response speed is 5ms, support multi-touch, high accuracy, no drift
  3. Configure RS232*2+USB*4 to meet the data communication requirements of the fully automatic X inspection machine
  4. Wide pressure, dustproof, anti-electromagnetic interference, adapt to work in industrial environment
  5. The power switch has an extension of 50CM, which solves the problem of starting and stopping the all-in-one machine without opening the cabinet door after the embedded installation of the equipment

In fact, X-ray inspection equipment can not only detect lithium batteries, but also components/castings/LEDs. It also meets the manufacturing and inspection needs of various mobile phones, computers and other electronic equipment, and has a wide range of applications.