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Happy to Eat “Yuanxiao” On Lantern Festival Day

Happy to Eat “Yuanxiao” On Lantern Festival Day

Since this night, the moon has moved westward, and spring has returned to the earth. In the dim light, the sweetheart between the eyebrows.

The cold weather will not last long, and the spring breeze is on its way.

May this Lantern Festival bring a year of well-being.

Lantern Festival is eaten on the fifteenth day of the first lunar month. As a food, “Yuanxiao” has a long history in my country. In the Song Dynasty, a novel food for the Lantern Festival was popular among the people. This kind of food was first called “Fu Yuanzi” and later called “Yuanxiao”. Businessmen also euphemistica

lly called it “Yuanbao”.

The Lantern Festival has had the custom of eating glutinous rice balls since ancient times. Have you eaten it today?