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Factory Manufacture Various Heavy Duty Rubber Plastic Speed Bump

Factory Manufacture Various Heavy Duty Rubber Plastic Speed Bump

Model No.: EF-PSB101

  • aterial: Modified Plastics
  • Reflective: 8pcs

Factory Manufacture Various Heavy Duty Rubber Plastic Speed Bump

Factory Manufacture Various Heavy Duty Rubber Plastic Speed Bump

Factory Manufacture Various Heavy Duty Rubber Plastic Speed Bump


Advantages of speed bumps

The idea behind speed bumps is to create safe travel for drivers and pedestrians. These can be annoying to most drivers, but help control traffic to a greater extent. In densely populated areas near schools or hospitals, slowing down has many advantages.

  • 1. The main purpose of limiting speed bumps is to create obstacles and slow down high-speed vehicles. However, they can only control them to the extent that drivers need to be sensitive to children and people walking on the same local roads.
  • 2. Reduce accidents According to the World Health Organization, approximately 1.3 million people are killed in road and car crashes. These crashes are mostly the result of overspeeding, and keep checking; speed bumps are a useful tool. It may not prevent all these conflicts, but it can reduce them to some extent. According to UK research, speed bumps help reduce road accidents by around 44%.
  • 3. Another useful application of traffic control speed bumps is that they are very helpful in controlling and regulating traffic. Traffic moves regularly and blocks it every now and then, then helps it move at a manageable speed without causing huge traffic problems.
  • 4. Ease of construction The construction of the bump is very easy and does not require any huge machinery and tools. These can be easily created and installed wherever needed, using the same materials as roads. Since it is also part of road construction, it can be built at the same time as the road. Depending on road type and weather conditions, speed bumps can be constructed from any material such as concrete, plastic or rubber.
  • 5. Suitable for schools and residential areas where there are larger populations of children, and markets and local residents’ shops make them more crowded. Therefore, for the safety of local people and children, no high-speed motor vehicles are allowed to travel freely in these areas. Not only do speed bumps tame speeding drivers, they can also limit other drivers and riders to adequate speed limits in densely populated areas.


  • Model No.: EF-PSB101
  • aterial: Modified Plastics
  • Reflective: 8pcs




Why do you need speed bumps?

The use of speed bumps can reduce the number of cars exceeding the recommended speed limit, and speed bumps are a successful technique for reducing the frequency and severity of crashes and improving pedestrian safety.
Do speed bumps work? Many people think speed bumps are a good idea. According to planners and civil engineers, they can slow drivers down and reduce traffic fatalities. Also, they are very successful, especially at night, in residential areas.

How high should the speed bump be?

On steep hills, the top of the hump must be low enough to allow vehicles to pass it without hitting the bottom and remain within a specific height range suitable for wildlife habitat. Conversely, on steep slopes, the vehicle height must not exceed 1000 mm (10 cm/s).

Where should speed bumps be placed?

Road safety, passenger comfort, environmental impact, street maintenance costs and resource allocation are just a few of the things resettlement impacts. The design of the road is critical when deciding where to build speed bumps. The width of the street, the number of lanes, speed limits, the number of lanes, the presence of on-street parking, and the location of power poles all have to be considered.

How does a speed bump affect a car?

Wheel misalignment and damaged steering rack brackets are among the most typical problems. Hitting the speed bumps can also cause power steering leaks. Continuing to drive with this issue could damage all other systems in the car, including the infotainment and air conditioning systems.

Speed Bump Video:

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