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Expressway High Speed Servo Variable Channel Boom Barrier Gate
  • Expressway High Speed Servo Variable Channel Boom Barrier Gate
  • Expressway High Speed Servo Variable Channel Boom Barrier Gate
  • Expressway High Speed Servo Variable Channel Boom Barrier Gate
  • Expressway High Speed Servo Variable Channel Boom Barrier Gate

Expressway High Speed Servo Variable Channel Boom Barrier Gate

Model No.: EF-DZJ12

  • 1.5~6 seconds stepless speed regulation
  • The running effect of the pole is adjustable and controllable
  • Fleet mode
  • Counting function
  • Delayed automatic closing
  • The switch is in place and the brake is locked
  • Automatic debugging mode
  • Relay signal output in place
  • RS485 optional
  • Various interfaces such as ground sensing, radar anti-smashing, etc.
  • Remote control of learning code
  • 24V battery power supply
  • 12V battery power supply (optional module automatic charging)
  • Automatically open the gate when the power is off (optional module)

Expressway High Speed Servo Variable Channel Boom Barrier Gate

Servo Barrier Specifications

  • Model No.: EF-DZJ12
  • Type of brake lever: straight rod, round rod diameter 75mm, maximum length 6 meters
  • Rise and fall time: start rod 0.6/0.9 seconds, drop rod (0.9s, 1.3s) optional
  • Motor type: servo motor
  • Operating life: >10 million times
  • Standby power: <8W
  • Operating temperature: -40℃~+75℃
  • MTTR: <0.5 hours
  • MTBF: >5 million times
  • Dimensions: aluminum box: 285*335*962
  • Other functions: built-in embedded vehicle detector, DC24V battery power supply interface
  • Protection level: IP54
  • Switching power supply input voltage: AC110-120V, AC200~240V
  • Controller input voltage: DC24V+-10%
  • Motor power: maximum 200W
  • Relative humidity: 30%~80% (no condensation)
  • Remote control distance: 30 meters (open without interference)


  • Motor driven, equipped with connecting rod transmission mechanism, balance spring, stable and reliable operation, motor life is up to 2.5 million times or more, spring life is 500,000 times.
  • The standard configuration of the whole series is the rebound function in case of resistance. When the pole is blocked during the fall, it will automatically rebound.
  • Support external radar, coil, infrared anti-smashing function, built-in DC 12V power output, can be used for external radar power supply.
  • Adopting self-developed 24V DC brushless motor and variable frequency control technology.
  • It adopts more stable and reliable worm gear transmission structure, non-gear, non-hanging design, simple assembly and reliable performance.
  • The advantages of soft start and soft stop braking, low power consumption, high efficiency, smooth operation, low noise, etc.
  • The position of the landing rod is detected accurately and reliably after power-on.
  • Sensitive return function in case of resistance, fast response, safe and reliable.
  • The parts and components are mostly precision processed by micron-level robot units, with high assembly accuracy, good consistency and long product life.
  • Automated assembly line operation of the whole production line of robots, standardized assembly, stable and reliable assembly quality.
  • Digital tube panel display, parameter setting is simple and fast.
  • The movement adopts modular disassembly and assembly design, controller fault code display, simple maintenance and easy operation.
  • Power failure operation: actuate the brake lever or turn the handwheel to realize the up and down of the brake lever.
  • It can be powered by an external 24V DC battery to easily cope with the impact of power outages.

Expressway High Speed Servo Variable Channel Boom Barrier Gate

Innovation and Application of Servo Barrier

In the era of automobile yuan, foreign families have already popularized vehicles, and even each family owns several cars. In recent years, the domestic automobile manufacturing industry has developed rapidly, people’s living standards have improved significantly than before, and automobiles have entered thousands of households. On holidays, highways and scenic spots are full of cars. Traffic jams are inevitable. Traffic jams in developed cities are commonplace during peak commute hours. Traffic jams, difficult production suspensions, and automobile exhaust pollution have become a pain in big cities. When cars pass through toll road gates and parking lot entrances, slow barriers can no longer meet people’s demand for traffic efficiency. Especially with ETC or license plate recognition, the driver needs to brake to stop and wait for the brake lever to start before starting to pass. It is easy to cause pole collision, rear-end collision and exhaust pollution. The slow barriers provide conditions for the following vehicles to evade tolls. It is embodied in the following aspects:

  • 1. Traditional barrier gates or variable channel gates are slow, and the high-efficiency performance of advanced toll systems such as long-distance card reading, license plate recognition, and ETC cannot be used effectively, and it is more likely to cause safety problems such as pole collision. The deceleration time of the variable channel gate at the rising and falling ends of the gate pole is long, and the total travel time is limited.
  • 2. After the traditional barrier gates or variable channel gates forcibly increase the speed, because most of them use worm gear mechanical structure, the transmission efficiency is low, the wear is large, the motor heats seriously, the life is short, the reliability is low, and the electric energy is wasted.
  • 3. The after-sales maintenance of traditional barrier gates or variable channel gates is poor, remote maintenance cannot be achieved, and labor costs are high.
  • 4. Traditional barrier gates or variable channel gates are greatly affected by the fluctuation of the power input voltage. When the voltage is high, the inertia is greater, and the moving parts are likely to rush through the set position and cause an impact event, and even the worm gear may jam, causing paralysis. Need manual processing. When the voltage is low, it may happen that the operation is not in place.
  • 5. The reliability of traditional barriers or variable channel barriers is determined by mechanical and electronic control design, and there are several problems as follows:

A. One of mechanical limit switches, photoelectric limit switches, metal proximity switches, and Hall switches is set. As long as it is a switch, there are risks. The reliability of the switch itself, environmental climate, dust, etc., the choice of the switch Put forward higher requirements.

B. Due to the self-locking function of the worm gear structure, the rod cannot be automatically lifted after the power is off, causing traffic congestion and potential fire safety hazards. It is necessary to open the case and manually swing the motor’s handwheel to swing the brake lever, or a clutch device is set to manually open the clutch to lift the brake lever, which is time-consuming, laborious, and inefficient.

C. If the clutch device is set, it is generally connected and separated by keys. For high-speed moving parts, this design puts forward very high requirements on machining accuracy and hardness treatment. Otherwise, there is no reliability at all. Fast barriers The greater the mechanical wear, the more complex the mechanical structure, the worse the reliability of the whole machine and the shorter the life span.

D. In order to reduce the jitter of the gate lever during operation, traditional barrier gates or variable-channel gates are generally equipped with shock-absorbing rubber blocks at the limit position. The rubber blocks are prone to ageing in an outdoor environment, and the limit will be exceeded if maintenance is not timely. , The inertia caused by the rotation of the motor is large, causing an impact, and severely breaking the worm gear shaft or mechanical limit rod.

E. Although the variable frequency gate uses frequency conversion technology, the movement time of the first 45 degrees during the opening process can be increased compared with the traditional barrier gate, but the deceleration time of the latter 45 degrees is much longer than the acceleration time, so it is necessary to complete a start. The cycle time of the landing is relatively long, and it is not ideal for the city gates that require a large amount of car traffic.

  • 6. The torque barrier motor is similar to the squirrel cage motor of the transmission barrier. It needs a starting capacitor and a running capacitor, and it generates serious heat during operation. Capacitor capacity is easy to dry out and needs regular maintenance and replacement.
  • 7. Slow barriers are likely to cause car following, and toll evasion happens from time to time.

Expressway High Speed Servo Variable Channel Boom Barrier Gate

Features of high-speed servo barriers

The emergence of servo barriers is designed to solve the problem of slow vehicle traffic. After years of R&D technology accumulation, Shenzhen Zhongvan Technology Co., Ltd. has developed high-speed servo barriers (also known as: Servo railing machine). Servo motion control is used to accurately control the servo motor, and the high-precision planetary reducer is used to drive the railing, which realizes the PID closed-loop control of the running speed and acceleration, achieving fast and stable point-to-point.

The specific performance is as follows:

  • A. Servo motor is adopted, which has high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection.
  • B. It adopts high-efficiency and high-precision planetary reducer for transmission, with low friction resistance, low internal friction and long life.
  • C. Servo technology automatically adapts to load changes.
  • D. Intelligent self-check, which can upload information such as the operation status of the barrier gate, alarm information, and whether the barrier itself is OK or not to the host computer system.

Expressway High Speed Servo Variable Channel Boom Barrier Gate

Shenzhen Elefine Technology Servo Barrier mainly has the following features:

  • 1. Advanced servo control system, high speed and accuracy, without any loss.
  • 2. Low power consumption servo motor truly realizes maintenance-free, high durability, green energy saving and environmental protection.
  • 3. Zero speed (0rpm) constant torque output, no need to worry about external force lifting the rod.
  • 4. There is no position sensor, the accuracy of each stop is the same, and the two opposite sides are exactly the same.
  • 5. No shock-absorbing rubber block, truly no impact, no bounce, and no adjustment.
  • 6. Without clutch device, the lever can be automatically lifted after power failure, or it can be set to unlock when power failure (you can gently lift the lever by hand).
  • 7. No keyway design, no longer have to worry about hidden dangers caused by the gap between the keyway and the key.
  • 8. No brake design, no longer have to worry about the troubles caused by the wear of brake pads and a series of reliability problems.
  • 9. High-reliability industrial-grade moving parts, thoroughly surpassing industry quality.
  • 10. Excellent waterproof and dustproof performance. The waterproof standard of the whole machine is IP65.
  • 11. Excellent weather resistance index, reliable work at -40℃~80℃, military quality.
  • 12. It can be connected to a DC24V battery for power supply, and can be combined with solar and wind energy to generate electricity, suitable for lack of AC power. In places where it is not convenient to connect to AC power.
  • 13. Fast rise and fall speeds, which increase the overall speed of vehicles and shorten the interval between vehicles to the greatest extent.
  • 14. The pole will be lifted automatically in case of power failure, which meets the fire safety requirements.
  • 15. Anti-collision and release lever function.
  • 16. Return or stop function in case of resistance.
  • 17. Long-term maintenance-free, greatly reducing maintenance costs.
  • 18. The highest level of security, to completely eliminate the occurrence of smashing cars and people.
  • 19. There is no mechanical impact or shock-absorbing impact during the movement, which minimizes wear and tear,as the highest reliability and the longest life.
  • 20. The angle of the rod in place is adjustable 60°, 70°, 80°, 90°.
  • 21. The direction of left and right installation is easy to be interchanged, and left and right can be interchanged at the site of use.
  • 22. No debugging is required during production, installation and construction, which greatly reduces maintenance and labor costs.
  • 23. No longer have to worry about evading tolls with the car.
  • 24. In the fleet mode, the lever is remembered when the lever is lifted, and the lever is automatically dropped after the corresponding number of cars.

The innovation and application of high-speed servo barriers

Shenzhen Elefine Technology Co., Ltd. uses permanent magnet rare earth servo motors to drive high-precision planetary reducers to achieve the optimal combination. The efficient and concise mechanical transmission structure is innovative when applied to barriers. The high-speed servo barriers are highly efficient and fast. Running smoothly. Especially for high-speed barriers, the energy of impact increases exponentially with the increase of speed, and motion control is difficult to do well. The biggest feature of servo technology is that it can maintain a constant torque output at 0rpm speed, and the operation process is closed-loop controllable, point-to-point. Running smoothly. Speed, time and acceleration are adjustable. The simple and reliable mechanical structure provides a strong guarantee for the mechanical reliability and long life of high-speed servo barriers. Therefore, servo barriers are the first choice for expressways, bustling commercial centers, communities, and ports.

The service life of barrier gates is a headache for parking lot operators. Shenzhen Elefine Technology’s servo barriers have greatly simplified the mechanical transmission structure, with an average fault-free time of 5 million times, and the service life is more than 10 times that of traditional barriers, which is largely resolved. The embarrassing situation of the parking lot operators having to replace the barriers in one or two years. Among them, traditional barrier gates need to be regularly maintained and maintained. The high maintenance costs result in a greatly reduced utilization rate, and the final actual cost is higher, and the cost is more expensive.

As society progresses and people’s wages increase, labor costs are getting higher and higher, especially for skilled workers. Traditional barriers have always relied on technicians to go to the site for maintenance. Traditional barriers do not know that they are broken until they are used, which has already caused it. If the car can’t get in or get out, traffic jams will appear, which bothers drivers, users, and manufacturers at the same time. Shenzhen Elefine Technology’s servo barriers have fault self-checking and fault warning functions, which inform users in advance whether the barrier status is OK. If the barriers are faulty, what kind of faults exist, the fault information will be automatically reported, early warning, and maintenance personnel can quickly eliminate the faults , To minimize the impact (user use).

As the global climate changes, the winter temperature in some areas reaches -43°C, and ordinary barriers cannot operate at all. In the hot summer weather, the temperature in some places is as high as 40℃, and the surface temperature is 55~60℃. Under high temperature, most of the traditional barrier grease is liquid. The traditional barriers have been used for a long time throughout the year to heat up the gearbox oil seal or The accelerated aging of O-rings causes the oil leakage of traditional barrier gates to occur from time to time in summer, which further shortens the life of traditional barrier gates. Generally, there is no designed fuel filler opening, and it can only be worn dry after leaking. The temperature of the servo motor’s continuous operation is only a little higher than the ambient temperature (within 10°C). If the traditional barrier gate does not have a cooling system, and it runs continuously for 45 minutes at a normal temperature of 25°C, the internal temperature of the motor will reach 125°C, and the motor will be thermally protected, which will eventually cause it to fail to operate normally and even burn the motor coil. Servo barriers almost don’t generate heat during operation, so there is no overheating. Shenzhen Elefine Technology’s servo barriers will not have such a situation in summer. In the south, we often see some barrier gates at the gates of residential areas being used for many years without closing the lid or opening the door. It is because of frequent operation that they tend to generate heat. Although the motor power used by most traditional barriers is marked 50W or 80W, However, the actual power consumption measured by the power meter is more than 200W, and more than half of the power is used for the heating of the motor coil. Traditional barriers generally open the door to dissipate heat, and some even require fans to dissipate heat. Shenzhen Elefine Technology Servo Barrier operates normally at low temperature of -40℃ and high temperature of 80℃.


With the development of technology and the progress of society, we have entered the era of rapid development of the Internet of Things and automobiles. Long-distance card reading and high-speed license plate recognition are blooming everywhere. With high-speed servo barriers, the traffic speed can be increased by several times and the traffic efficiency can be improved by several times. Double, to prevent the occurrence of toll evasion with the car, you can immediately stop the car behind and pass after paying the toll. The electricity charges that the property community cares about are as follows:

Calculated by working continuously for 8 hours a day, (degrees = kilowatt hours)

Traditional barrier gate 200W working for 8 hours consumes 1.6 kWh/day

Shenzhen Elefine Technology Servo Barrier operates for 0.9 seconds without interruption for 8 hours and consumes 0.33 kWh/day

A barrier gate saves 1.6-0.33=1.27 degrees per day per day,

A barrier can save 1.27*365=463.55 degrees a year

Generally, a community has at least 2 entrances and exits, and 2 barriers save 463.55*2=927.1 degrees in a year.

This is a considerable amount of energy saving income. If everyone uses the servo barriers, how much coal resources will be saved for the country every year, this will be a very staggering number, and I cannot count. The above data is true and reliable, and it is actually measured by an external electric energy meter.


Expressway High Speed Servo Variable Channel Boom Barrier Gate


Installation Cases

Expressway High Speed Servo Variable Channel Boom Barrier Gate

Expressway High Speed Servo Variable Channel Boom Barrier Gate

Expressway High Speed Servo Variable Channel Boom Barrier Gate

Expressway High Speed Servo Variable Channel Boom Barrier Gate

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