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ESD Electrostatic Test Small Swing Gate

ESD Electrostatic Test Small Swing Gate

Model No.: EF-ESDT102

  • Chassis material: domestic standard 304 stainless steel
  • Working voltage: AC220±10%V 50±10%HZ 100W
  • Drive motor: 24V brushless DC motor

ESD Electrostatic Test Small Swing Gate

Size: 1200(L)*200(W)*980(H), the default channel width is 600 (customizable)

Product Highlights: The face recognition electrostatic test system independently developed by our company highly integrates the two functions of face recognition and electrostatic test in the same software and hardware platform, which is convenient for background management personnel to maintain data and collect test data. It can automatically generate various reports and send it regularly, which is the first choice for your company’s static control access control!

ESD Electrostatic Test Small Swing Gate

Small Swing Gate Parameters:

  • 1. Equipment introduction

Intelligent small swing gate (shutter) is a high-tech product mainly for intelligent management of personnel passages. It is an upgraded product of intelligent three-roller gate and swing gate. This product has fine processing, complete functions and high grades. Intelligent buildings, hotels, subways, docks, clubs and other high-end places.

The device organically integrates mechanical, electronic, microprocessor control and various identification technologies, which is convenient and compatible with the use of IC card, ID card, fingerprint, face and other card-reading and identification devices. System equipment and the use of reliable safety protection devices, alarm devices, direction indicators, etc., coordinate to realize intelligent control and management of channels.

Single movement: for single and multi-channel; dual movement: for multi-channel

  • 2. Functions and Features

1. With zero self-check and abnormal alarm function, it is convenient for users to maintain and use.

2. Through the built-in small button on the main control board, the running status of the programmable device.

3. This small swing gate is a brand new third-generation anti-collision and anti-pinch brushless movement.

4. Double anti-pinch function, mechanical anti-pinch, infrared induction anti-pinch function, when the telescopic arm encounters resistance in the process of resetting, the motor automatically stops working within a specified time, and resets again after the default delay (until reset), The strength is small (≤3Kg).

5. Illegal intrusion, tailgating alarm, reverse intrusion gate will automatically close.

6. Anti-collision function, the swing arm automatically locks when no signal to open the gate is received.

8. It has an automatic reset function. After the gate is opened, if the pedestrian does not pass within the specified time, the system will automatically cancel the pedestrian’s permission to pass this time. The reset time is adjustable from 1S to 60S (the system default time is 6S), and the power is turned off. The rear channel is automatically opened (in compliance with fire protection requirements), and the power-on channel is automatically closed.

9. Infrared induction reset, infrared induction anti-pinch function (optional 5 pairs or 7 pairs of infrared).

10. It has a standard fire alarm input interface. After receiving the fire alarm signal, the equipment will be opened unconditionally.

11. The super bright direction indicator board indicates the traffic condition.

12. It can be connected with various equipments such as access control system, consumption system, electronic ticket system, biometric identification system, electrostatic tester and so on.

13. One-way or two-way control personnel entry and exit, infrared sensor entry and exit channels.

14. The light-emitting color of the swing arm can be customized, and different colors can be switched in different states.

Small Swing Gate Technical Parameters:

  • Model No.: EF-ESDT102
  • Chassis material: domestic standard 304 stainless steel
  • Working voltage: AC220±10%V 50±10%HZ 100W
  • Drive motor: 24V brushless DC motor
  • Dimensions: 1200 length * 200 width * 980 height (MM)
  • Swing arm extension length: 280MM
  • Channel width: default 600MM, can be customized
  • Traffic direction: one-way or two-way (can be set)
  • Working environment: indoor and outdoor (shade) -10℃~50℃ Relative humidity: ≤90%, no condensation
  • Gate opening and closing time: 1 second
  • Passing speed: 10-15 people/min (normally closed, pass the static test) 40 people/min (normally open)
  • Time required to enter the traffic state after power on: 3 seconds
  • Baffle material: stainless steel or plastic acrylic luminous baffle (optional)
  • Normal service life: more than 5 million times
  • Communication interface: TCP/IP network interface, distance ≤1200 meters
  • Input interface: relay switch signal or 12V level signal or 12V pulse signal with pulse width>100ms, drive current>10mA

ESD Card Swipe Tester Parameter Description

  • 1. Function

With dual-frequency card swiping function, it can swipe IC, ID, ID cards and other cards commonly used in the market

Can test single loop, double loop wrist strap

Discharge static electricity on the human body while testing

  • 2. Parameters

Voltage: 9~12V

Size: 110mm*120mm

  • 3. Working environment

Temperature: -10~60℃

Humidity: 10~90% (no exposure in the working environment)

  • 4. Technical parameters of electrostatic test system

Factory default settings:

Wrist strap: 750KΩ~10MΩ, accuracy ±10%

Electrostatic shoes: 750KΩ~100MΩ accuracy ±10%

  • 5. Test steps

Electrostatic Test Procedure

1. The inspector must first insert the wrist strap into the test hole; (preparing for the test) (this step can be skipped without measuring the wrist strap)

2. Stand with both feet on the pedals and swipe your card or verify your face; (verify your identity)

3. Touch the metal button on the detector with your finger; (start detection)

The moment the inspector touches the metal sheet, the inspection can be completed. (Automatically determine whether to release according to the test results)

Parameter Description of Electrostatic Test Face Recognition Machine:

  • (1) Support offline face recognition, face recognition in multiple environments such as strong light, backlight, and low light;
  • (2) Support face recognition whitelist access, blacklist early warning, stranger capture, etc.;
  • (3) Support live detection to prevent photo attacks;
  • (4) The background management software supports automatic distribution of faces and batch import of lists;
  • (5) Image advertisements can be played;
  • (6) Support remote upgrade of management terminal and U disk upgrade; various parameters can be sent remotely;
  • (7) Optional IC/ID card reader, VIP card swipe to open the gate;
  • (8) Support external card reader to realize the function of person-card comparison;
  • (9) Support Chinese and English language switching;
  • (10) Support remote opening, remote restart, timing restart, etc.

ESD Electrostatic Test Swing Gate Video:

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