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Economical multi-channel parallel output charging and discharging machine

Economical Multi-channel Parallel Output Charging and Discharging Machine

Economical Multi-channel Parallel Output Charging and Discharging Machine


This series is a charging and discharging machine with multiple circuits in parallel output (ordered according to customer requirements); it adopts microcomputer multi-channel centralized control, unique supersisi program style, and the setting operation is extremely intuitive and simple; each channel is equipped with a current-sharing resistor for full control Bias current range; reasonable cabinet design, convenient use and maintenance, economical and applicable; suitable for series/parallel charging and discharging of small and medium-sized batteries.


Applicable to large, medium and small battery of the all kinds electrical properties of various pilot
projects testing.


  • 1. The machine is a series of economic multiple parallel output charging and discharging machine
    (According to customer requirements design)
  • 2. Microprocessor controlled, LCD display, the light can show the charge or discharge static
  • 3. Convenient operation,equipment control panel can be prepared by the program, viewing, start, stop, and
    other operations, can be downloaded through a computer program to operate the equipment
  • 4. This machine has the power stop protect function, it can restoration when the power-automatic operation.



  • 1. The ability to maintain the charge, discharge performance
  • 2. With constant pressure, constant current,constant voltage current limit,constant pressure limiting the time
    when static, recycling and other work
  • 3. Have run, stop, pause, jump, and other functions

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