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10kw Complete Home Hybrid on off Grid Tie Power Panel Solar Energy Systems for Home

Easy Install 3KW 5KW Solar Power Storage Hybrid PV System Solar System with Diesel Genera

Easy Install 3KW 5KW Solar Power Storage Hybrid PV System Solar System with Diesel Genera


With the deepening of the low-carbon concept, the economic benefits of zero-carbon households and energy storage have improved, and the commercial application of PV+ESS has gradually been realized in developed regions. Elefine’s residential hybrid inverter solution can quickly respond to EMS dispatch instructions, and form an intelligent and friendly power supply system with rooftop photovoltaics, making electricity consumption more efficient. Elefine Household Hybrid Inverter seamlessly switches with mains power, making power consumption more stable.

Production Equipments:

Precision manufacturing, high quality production

  • Automatic dicing machine
  • EL detection
  • automatic group box
  • Production machine integration
  • Automatic stringer
  • Automatic laminator

Three-proof Connection Plug

  • Waterproof, anti-leakage, anti-pull


Various installation methods
Respond to various scenarios: household electricity, outdoor monitoring, RV installation, road administration facilities, water conservancy irrigation, fish raft beekeeping, outdoor camping, forest and pasture electricity

Production ability:

Automatic glazing, automatic serial welding, automatic typesetting, automatic confluence, professional EL testing, high temperature lamination, automatic framing, IV testing

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