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Dynamic Face Recognition Technology Solutions

Dynamic Face Recognition Technology Solutions

Dynamic face recognition: A biometric technology that recognizes facial features in real time.

The camera collects the video stream, the system automatically detects and tracks the face in the image, and performs a series of face related technologies on the detected face.
There is no need to stop and wait, people walk past in a natural form, and the camera will capture and collect information, issue corresponding instructions, and perform dynamic face recognition.

Dynamic Face Recognition Technology Solutions

Technical process

The dynamic face recognition system mainly includes four components, namely: video stream face information collection, face information preprocessing, face image feature extraction, and matching and recognition.

Application field

Dynamic face recognition technology has a wide range of applications, involving blacklisted personnel retrieval and alarm, facial expression behavior analysis, human flow statistics, facial attribute analysis, VIP customer recognition, etc.
Contribute to security early warning in crowded places, customer data analysis of commercial stores, and targeted product marketing.

Application field

Security monitoring

It can be used for safety precautions in aviation, ports, customs, banks, enterprises and institutions, conferences, high-end clubs, important streets and other places.
Crime investigation

Public security, justice and criminal investigation. Such as the use of facial recognition systems and networks to search for fugitives across the country.


It can be applied to VIP customer identification reminders in shopping malls, communities, and high-end brand stores.

Dynamic face recognition solution

Based on advanced facial recognition algorithms such as Baidu Smart Cloud and Alibaba Cloud ET, combined with smart cameras, cloud servers, and back-end data analysis, customized development of smart hardware control boards + background management systems + information push mini programs to achieve early warning of blacklisted personnel coming to the store , VIP customer visit push, customer traffic big data analysis and other functions.