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Dynamic Face Recognition Access Control Time Attendance Integrated Terminal
  • Dynamic Face Recognition Access Control Time Attendance Integrated Terminal
  • Dynamic Face Recognition Access Control Time Attendance Integrated Terminal

Dynamic Face Recognition Access Control Time Attendance Integrated Terminal

Model No.: EF-S500

  • 4.3" TCP/USB face access control
  • Face capacity: 2000

Dynamic Face Recognition Access Control Time Attendance Integrated Terminal


The EF-S500 dynamic face access control all-in-one machine is identified based on human facial feature information. It uses the face algorithm technology of multi-task cascade convolutional neural network to realize the effective extraction, recognition and comparison of human facial features, which is widely used.
[Suitable scenarios] Access control and attendance in office buildings, communities, parks, campus and other indoor places.


  • Model No.: EF-S500
  • 4.3-inch capacitive touch screen, touch-screen virtual buttons, stylish appearance
  • TCP/USB face access control
  • Face capacity: 2000
  • Card capacity: 2000
  • PSW: 2000
  • Indoor / outdoor use
  • Mask on function
  • Wiegand in/output
  • Equipment size: 188*88*26mm
  • Running memory: 1G DDR3 with a storage capacity of 4G
  • Verify the alignment: Dynamic face recognition, ID card, Password (optional IC card)
  • Working current: standby current: 210mA, maximum working current: 350mA
  • Power supply requirement: DC12V 2~5A
  • Operating temperature: -20℃ ~ + 45℃ (storage temperature: -40℃ ~ + 65℃)
  • Operating humidity: 20%~90% (storage humidity: 20%~90 ± 2%)
  • Night: LED highlight automatic fill light (automatically controlled according to ambient light)
  • Environmental light adaptation range: 0-50,000 L u x

Technology Platform:

  • Real-time intelligent operating system
  • J8205 AI dual-core processor for 1.2T


  • Face: 2,000 cards, 2,000 cards, 2,000 passwords
  • Records: 100,000 entries

Communication Mode:

  • U disk upload, download data
  • Standard standard: TCP / IP wired communication

Attendance Report:

  • The U disk exports the attendance statistical report
  • Computer software collects data through the network connection device

Professional Access Control:

  • Door closed alarm, forced door alarm, a set of door opening signals, external access control reader, Wigan 26 / 34 output
  • Identify mode: 1:1,1: N
  • Matching speed: 0.3 seconds, face recognition distance: 0.3-3 m
  • A 100W pixel HD color camera 100W infrared signature pseudo camera
  • Support for name display, voice broadcast, and built-in bell ringing

Function Highlights

  • 1.Visible light + infrared light binocular live detection and identification, to eliminate mobile phone photos, video and other fraud
  • 2.Four kinds of facial registration: online import photo registration, software photo registration, touch screen registration face, U disk import photo registration
  • 3.U disk export attendance report, support U disk import scheduling
  • 4.A variety of verification modes: face, password, credit card and other modes
  • 5.Access control attendance, unlock signal, door magnetic function, ergan output / input
  • 6.Unique shape, streamlined shape, touch screen three-dimensional suspension design refused to be the same


● Uses face detection techniques based on improved multi-task cascade convolutional neural networks with fast face recognition detection
● Euipped with a high-performance processor and has a 5-10 times higher performance, bringing super computing power to complex mathematical and geometric computing
● Binocular 1-megapixel camera
● Support face recognition in indoor or semi-outdoor environments, backlight, low light and other environments
● Support extended 1:1 human card alignment, 1: N face recognition
● Support real-time capture comparison of offline faces, which can be customized to extend real-time photo storage and upload to the cloud platform
● Face recognition is the fastest for up to 0.2 seconds
● Built-in professional automatic induction positive white light high color LED light, effectively ensure uniform face light
● Humanized voice prompt function, broadcast the comparison and verification results
● Support an external extended access control reader
● Product support the output switch volume signal, which can be seamlessly connected with the gate and magnetic lock
● Support output Wiegan signal, seamlessly connects with all kinds of access control controllers, and supports WG26 and WG34
● Runs offline in disconnected mode without relying on computer control.

Application of Face Recognition Terminal:

Time Attendance Integrated Facial Recognition Terminal Video:

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