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Dual-core Double Movement Three Roller Tripod Gate
  • Dual-core Double Movement Three Roller Tripod Gate
  • Dual-core Double Movement Three Roller Tripod Gate 2

Dual-core Double Movement Three Roller Tripod Gate

Model No.: EF-TV5201

  • Material: 304 stainless steel
  • OEM / ODM: support
  • Power supply: AC 220V/110V; 50/60Hz (optional)
  • Passing speed: 30-40 persons/Min

Double Movement Three Roller Tripod Gate Video

Dual-core Double Movement Three Roller Tripod Gate


Double-movement vertical three-roller turnstile is a common and popular style in pedestrian access control on the market, especially in subway stations, scenic spots, residential quarters and other entrances and exits. In these types of entrances and exits with huge traffic, choose Using the three-roller gate, then he must have his own unique advantages before being used on a large scale.

The production process of the double-core vertical three-roll gate is simpler, the production cycle is relatively shorter, and the lower price is still very attractive to customers. At the same time, the quality is also guaranteed. The thickness of the chassis can be selected from 1.0~2.0mm.


  • Model No.: EF-TV5201
  • Product name: Brushed Stainless Steel Retractable Tripod Turnstile Gate Barrier
  • Material: 304 stainless steel
  • OEM / ODM: support
  • Power supply: AC 220V/110V; 50/60Hz (optional)
  • Passing speed: 30-40 persons/Min
  • Passage width: 600mm
  • Arm open/close: 2s
  • Size: 980*330*420mm
  • Working voltage: 24V


  • Automatic reset function: the spring damper and balance mechanism ensure that the gate is always in a safe and stable operation state; a unique incomplete gear transmission system is adopted to make the gate lock and unlock at the zero position more accurate and reliable;
  • Super bright traffic indication function: The direction indication adopts super bright LED light design, the indication is more eye-catching;
  • Multiple access modes function: Two access modes of two-way card swiping or one-way free access can be set at the gate;
  • Passing request memory function: After swiping the card multiple times, the gate will remember the number of passersby, and the gate will be closed after all pedestrians pass;
  • Power off function: the gate automatically falls after the gate is powered off to facilitate the evacuation of personnel;
  • Anti-collision function: When the brake lever is locked, the whole product shape plate is stamped and formed by 304 stainless steel plate, which is rust-proof, strong and durable, and cannot be pushed by external force;
  • Multiple control functions: Various reading and writing devices such as external buttons, remote controls, barcode meters, IC or ID can be connected;
  • Anti-tailing function: After each pass, the lever is automatically locked after turning 120 degrees;
  • Remote control function: The gate can be controlled remotely by connecting RS485 card or TCP to RS485 through the computer;
  • Automatic locking function: If the card is not passed within the specified time after swiping the card, the gate will be re-locked to cancel the passage, and the time is 1-60 seconds. The ARM control technology adopted and the industrial-grade control processing method are adopted to realize a brand-new product. All products are extremely stable when starting and stopping during operation, and can quickly realize brake locking;
  • Passage limit function: The number of passers can be limited through software to meet personnel management under special circumstances;
  • Counting function: the counter can be added to count the number of people entering and leaving;
  • Anti-reversal passing function: During the passing process, the brake lever can only move forward after turning a certain angle, preventing too many people from one card;
  • Illegal break-in alarm: when pedestrians force through without swiping the card, the three-roller gate will alarm to remind the pedestrian to swipe the card to pass; the double-core vertical three-roller gate can more effectively prevent the occurrence of trailing in and out, and will not let the unidentified and certified People sneak in at will. It ensures the safety of the site and personnel, and effectively avoids the occurrence of potential dangers;
  • Hydraulic buffer function: in order to reduce the metal impact sound during operation, hydraulic buffer can be added;
  • Appearance can be sprayed with optional color. The double-movement vertical three-roll gate adopts stainless steel cold-rolled plate technology. This process is generally used to make corrosion-resistant parts. Because part of the use scene of the three-roll gate is outdoors, it often encounters extremely harsh conditions. In the sun, snow and rain, the requirements for the material of the machine box itself and the protection of the interior are extremely high.
  • In the event of an emergency, such as a power failure or an emergency such as a fire, the lever of the double-movement vertical three-roller gate can be manually controlled to lower, allowing the crowd to pass quickly and preventing stampede events. The movement of the three-roller gate can be controlled semi-automatically and fully automatically. Semi-automatic is to perform related operations through the manual switch inside the chassis in the above-mentioned unexpected situations.

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