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Does your building have a channel management system installed? The ideal working environment is like this

Does your building have a channel management system installed? The ideal working environment is like this

Today I will introduce to you the intelligent channel system that will be used in the intelligent transformation of office buildings. At present, modern buildings will install gates at the entrances and exits, and will be equipped with sensor cards for the personnel inside the buildings.
The Smart Building Card is to use information card technology as the core and computer and communication technology as the means to connect the various facilities in the building into an organic whole. The user can complete the usual identity authentication, fund settlement and settlement through an IC card. Certain control operations, such as using IC cards to open the door, using IC cards for dining, shopping, entertainment, conferences, parking, office, fee-based services and other activities. It can be seen that a small card has penetrated into all aspects of corporate management and property management, making various management tasks more efficient and scientific, and bringing convenience and safety to people’s daily work and life. As a kind of channel control equipment, access gates have been widely used in transportation, exhibition halls and other industries, and access gates also have extensive application value in the smart building card system. The following is a detailed description of the application of the channel gate in the smart building card.

  • 1. Introduction to speed gates of pedestrian passages

The passage gate is the control equipment of the pedestrian passage. It is used in places where people’s exit and entrance need to be controlled, and the use of channel gates can make people flow through the channel in an orderly manner. Access gates can be divided into four types according to their appearance: three-roll gates, block (wing) gates, swing gates, and full-height cross turnstiles. In smart buildings, it is recommended to use beautiful blocking (wing) gates due to the low flow of people.
The combination of the channel gate and the IC card reader constitutes an intelligent channel gate. The intelligent channel gate is combined with a computer and all-in-one card management software to form an integrated intelligent channel gate management system, which can realize functions such as access control, attendance, and charging.

  • 2. Main application

Building entrance channel control
In a building, traditional access control management is often only set up in various functional rooms in non-public areas, while ignoring the control and management of open access channels. For improving the safety level of the entire building, it is more important to manage public areas and public area passages to keep all hidden safety hazards out. Therefore, the intelligent passage gate set at the main entrance of the building can effectively manage the people entering and exiting the building, thereby improving the safety of the building. At the same time, it is stored in a large-capacity database for the property and related personnel to inquire when needed. In addition, employees inside the building can use their cards to access and exit gates to realize the attendance management function at the same time. The setting of entrance gates avoids harassment of internal staff by idle people (such as malicious door-to-door salesmen).
I believe that the buildings where everyone is working are gradually undergoing the transformation of entrance and exit gates, or have been to buildings with access control systems. Do you think it is reasonable? Tell me your opinion.

Does your building have a channel management system installed The ideal working environment is like this

Does your building have a channel management system installed? The ideal working environment is like this