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Coin Reader Access Control Automatic Tripod Three-roller Turnstile

Coin Reader Access Control Automatic Tripod Three-roller Turnstile

Model No.: EF-TV5000

  • Size: 980*330*420mm
  • Material: Top 1.2mm+Body 1.0mm SUS304
  • Pass Width: 500-550mm
  • Passage direction: Single directional/Bi-directional
  • Pass rate: 30-35 persons/minute
  • Operating time: 0.2 seconds

Coin Reader Access Control Automatic Tripod Three-roller Turnstile


What is a three-roller gate? Three-roll gates are also called: three-bar gates, three-roll gates, intelligent channel gates, three-roll gates, three-leg gates, roller gates, three-roll gates, three-roll gates… The mechanical and electronic equipment integrated in the orderly process can complete the simple persuasion-level visit control of the public passage. Commonly used for unit import and export processing and import and export processing of canteens, subways, stations, docks, shopping malls, scenic spots parks, etc.; can be applied to scenic spot channel ticket processing, and cooperate with smart cards to complete the function of offline scenic spot ticketing system; can cooperate with swing gates , Wing gates, cylindrical swing gates, and mechanical swing gates are used together.


  • Model: EF-TV5000
  • Size: 980*330*420mm
  • Material: Top 1.2mm+Body 1.0mm SUS304
  • Pass Width: 500-550mm
  • Passage direction: Single directional/Bi-directional
  • Pass rate: 30-35 persons/minute
  • Operating time: 0.2 seconds
  • Power input: AC100-240V, 50/60HZ
  • Working voltage: 24V
  • Working humidity: 30%~95%
  • Working temperature: -40℃~+70℃
  • Working environment: Indoor/outdoor
  • Communication interface: RS485, Dry contact
  • Mechanism: Mould machine core+mould bracket+Domestic solenoid

Classification of three-roll gates

According to the method of operation, there are: semi-active three-roll gate, fully-active three-roll gate, manual three-roll gate

According to the general categories, there are: one-way three-roll gates (also divided into left and right), two-way three-roll gates. Among them, the one-way three-roll gates are divided into: one-way controllable, one-way free passage. Two-way three-roll gates are divided into: two-way controllable, two-way uncontrolled.

According to the braking method, it can be divided into: full-active brake three-roller turnstile, semi-active brake three-roller turnstile (this type belongs to the advanced type of turnstile, the mainstream of foreign countries)

According to the size of the flow, it can be divided into: ordinary three-roller turnstile, high-flow three-roller turnstile.
According to the appearance, it can be divided into: bridge three-roller gate, vertical three-roller gate, dish-type three-roller gate and other styles.

At present, the shell of domestic three-roller turnstiles mainly uses sheet metal technology for production and processing, so usually the appearance can be customized according to customer needs, so that only the construction period for production will be added, and the others will not be affected.

Application place of the three-roller gate:

● Factory entrances and exits or canteens/canteens (employees swipe their cards to open the gates), dormitories, partitioned workshops or installation construction sites, saving a lot of labor for handling personnel. It can be used in cooperation with spending machines, attendance machines, access control machines, fingerprint machines, palmprint machines, and electrostatic testers.

● At the entrance and exit of the community, the cooperative all-in-one card is used to control the personnel in the community. It is often used side-by-side with the smart parking management system, and it can also use the proximity card to swipe the parking management system, and can also swipe the three-roller gates to open the gates.
● The entrances and exits of the park, cooperative access control, and electronic ticket processing system for spending machines or scenic spots shall be handled in an orderly manner for tourists and employees.
● Hospitals, banks and other public queuing places, cooperative bank cards, and UnionPay system are used together.

● The handling of terminals, stations, platforms, subway entrances and exits facilitates the use of the cooperative bus fee charging system, cooperative coin-operated coin machines and other active coin collection equipment, and the station terminal ticketing charging system. And other government departments, exhibitions and other places that have strict requirements for personnel management.
● Cooperate with ESD (Electro-Static discharge) anti-static test access control management system, and EAS (Electronic Article Surveilance) shopping mall anti-theft alarm system.

Development trend of three-roll gates:

Today’s three-roller turnstiles have made a qualitative leap. Manufacturers have linked QR code technology with radio frequency technology to provide a faster ticket checking method.

Two-dimensional code skills: With the spread of mobile phones, the use of mobile phones for ticket checking has become a need and trend. The user purchases tickets through e-commerce channels, and the tickets are sent to the user’s mobile phone in the form of a QR code. The user opens the QR code in the mobile phone when checking the ticket, and scans it in the scanning window of the three-roller gate. The user passes by.

Radio frequency skills: mainly use second-generation ID cards and mobile phone RFID-SIM cards. The scanning channel of the second-generation ID card and the scanning channel of RFID-SIM are integrated in the gate. The user makes a booking through the e-commerce channel, and enters the ID number into the system when booking. When checking the ticket, the user holds the ID card and scans it in the radio frequency checking area of ​​the three-roller gate. After the ticket check, the gate opens and the user passes through. The same principle applies to the mobile phone RFID-SIM card. At the same time, it also supports mobile phone deductions and completes the synchronization of ticket sales and ticket checking. With the continuous improvement of everyone’s awareness of low-carbon and environmental protection, this new type of three-roller turnstile will gradually be implemented and spread!


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