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Chinese license plate recognition technology

Chinese license plate recognition technology has reached the world’s top level, and it only takes 0.3 seconds

China’s car ownership is the largest in the world. Now, whether it is a first-tier, second-tier or third-tier city, it is very congested, and parking is a more difficult problem. In fact, roads are currently quite wide, and excessive traffic is the main cause of congestion, but there are also many other factors that cause traffic congestion, such as congestion by accidents and congestion at toll gates. Accidents are unavoidable, whether they are natural disasters or man-made causes, but the efficiency of toll stations can be improved through technical means.

Traditional toll stations use manual toll collection. Without mobile payment, it takes about 10 seconds to pass a car. This is when the owner prepares the change. The recognition efficiency of ETC needs to be improved, and some vehicles cannot be identified in the channel. And reversing in the aisle.

But attentive friends will find that now we have direct license plate recognition technology. There is no additional card and no need to receive a card to recognize it. Many communities are equipped with such a system, which only takes about 1 second to complete the vehicle. In and out, the mobile payment method is very efficient. At present, the commercialization of domestic automobile brand recognition has reached the world’s advanced level, including cameras and recognition programs.

Now this license plate recognition system has been applied to the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge. After the opening of the bridge, the daily traffic volume is expected to exceed 60,000. In addition to payment, these vehicles will have to complete customs inspections, border inspections, etc. If the toll is paid slowly due to the detention of vehicles, then the income of the bridge will be reduced, but this problem is definitely not difficult for engineers. It is said that the toll collection system is divided into five areas, which are used to identify vehicles in the mainland, Hong Kong, Macau, and foreign nationals. Then carry out automatic and manual charging separately. The average time per vehicle is only 0.3 seconds. This is enough to keep up with the flow of vehicles, and it is the world’s first automatic detection system that automatically recognizes different types of vehicles.

We believe that in the near future, the license plate recognition system can be applied to major toll stations and places where license plate recognition is required. We hope that technological advancement can benefit more groups as soon as possible worldwide.