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Brushless Series Cylindrical Speed Turnstile Gate Tower Gantry

Brushless Series Cylindrical Speed Turnstile Gate Tower Gantry

Model No.: EF-TG206

  • Service life: ≥5 million times
  • Opening speed: 0.3-0.8 seconds

Brushless Series Cylindrical Speed Turnstile Gate Tower Gantry


  • Model No.: EF-TG206
  • Service life: ≥5 million times
  • Opening speed: 0.3-0.8 seconds
  • Swing arm length: 300mm
  • Channel width: 550-800mm
  • Material: 304 stainless steel chassis
  • Process: grooving and drawing
  • Function: digital return in case of resistance and anti-collision
  • Warranty: three-year warranty on digital movement
  • Package: carton packaging

Functions& Features

  • 1) Rapid identification technique, available to identify accurately and efficiently the magnetic card, bar code card, ID card and IC card
  • 2) DC brushless motor, maintenance free
  • 3) On-line or off–line mode (optional)
  • 4) Real time trouble self-detect and alarm indication, ensuring system safe operation and facilitating maintenance and operation
  • 5) With direction indication, guiding passenger to entry and exit
  • 6) Self automatic locking to prevent force passing without the card
  • 7) Automatic counting and displaying number of passenger, facilitating observation and with a displaying total amount as high as 90,000
  • 8) Light and sound alarm indication function, preventing illegal entry or irregular passing
  • 9) Powerful on-line intelligent control mode, facilitating you:

A) To adjust the operation speed of the barrier according to the flow of passenger and improve the passing rate

B) To set up operation mode for passage entry and exit

C) To read card with multiple times, the special function meeting the application requirements of a particular site

D) To set up the card reading with or without memory

E) To select a reasonable normally open or close mode, to divert the flow of passengers effectively

F) Setting function humanized for reset of over time passing.

  • 10) The infrared sensing technique realizes real time monitor of passage, safe protection and tail-proof
  • 12) The processing mode in emergency or in special conditions
  • 13) Having standard input/output port, facilitating the integration of the system and the other equipment, to realize far end control management
  • 14) Super combination capability, with the combined application of products of different passage types and series, not affecting the system performance
  • 15) Strong system expending capability, available to add new product at any time
  • 16) Far end control management: function to far end control of barrier mode, meeting the special requirements of the users and the fire protection
  • 17) Resetting automatically. after reading card ,if the passer didn’t pass at set time, the system will cancel pass permission automatically, the administrator can set the passing time by himself
  • 18) Only one person can pass with one card, anti-tag after, anti-hit against
  • 19) Installed in indoor or outdoor
  • 20) Bi-directional passing or single way passing
  • 21) Ensure rapid, efficient and safe access control
  • 22) No noise, long life

Brushless Series Cylindrical Speed Turnstile Gate Tower Gantry

Application & Project:

  • Smart speed turnstiles can be used in indoor high-end places, such as office buildings, parks, banks, schools, high-end communities, gymnasiums, high-speed rail stations, subway stations, public security agencies, etc.

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