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Bridge Type Electrostatic Test Three Stick Tripod Turnstile Gate

Bridge Type Electrostatic Protection ESD Test Access Control System Three Stick Tripod Turnstile Gate

Model No.: EF-ESDT103

  • Test Range: for wrist strap: 0.75-20 Meg Ohms; for footwear: 0.75-100 Meg Ohms
  • Test Accuracy: +-5%

Bridge Type Electrostatic Protection ESD Test Access Control System Three Stick Tripod Turnstile Gate


  • Model No.: EF-ESDT103
  • Test Range: for wrist strap: 0.75-20 Meg Ohms; for footwear: 0.75-100 Meg Ohms
  • Test Accuracy: +-5%

Electrostatic Protection (ESD) Access Control System Hardware Features:

This system obtains the resistance value of the human body to the ground by sensing the parts of the human body’s hands or feet, and the voice and screen alarm double indications. It is an indispensable detection instrument for the factory’s electrostatic protection control. This system uses a safe DC12V voltage supply. The whole system completes paperless records and automatically generates employee entry and exit information reports during the safe, accurate, convenient and intuitive detection process, so that your company’s management of employees can achieve real time-saving and intuitive effects. The deployment of this system can also establish a good reputation and image for your company in the same industry.

Hardware Components:

The system consists of three roller gates, electrostatic testing system, and personnel authentication system.

Three roller gate: including the machine shell, movement, control board, three gate lever, traffic lights and other parts.

Receive the signal of the electrostatic test system, OK-open, Fail-not open.

Electrostatic test system: including data storage, display, electrostatic test motherboard, test panel, foot pedal and other parts. Judge the test results of the personnel and output the signal to the three-roller gate.

Personnel identity verification system: swipe card sensor, fingerprint reader, etc., the identification result is sent to the electrostatic test system, and the personnel test result is bound.

Features of ESD Protection Access Control System Management Software:

  • Real-time display of test data, test results, etc., automatic data collection;
  • Support full-screen recording display, intuitive, and display photos at the same time; support synthetic voice prompts;
  • It can be authorized by person and authority, specify the location of swiping card, set authority group by person, support batch operation, and do whatever you want;
  • The system provides log records, you can view the operation and management history, which is convenient for management tracking and system maintenance;
  • Data import and export functions are provided; it is convenient for customers to process work;
  • Automatic mail sending function, can send daily test report to the designated mailbox;
  • The server parameters can be automatically sent to the client to support remote upgrade;
  • Real-time monitoring of the entry and exit status of client personnel, display the number of people present, and support remote door opening;
  • The database can be connected with the attendance software to support multi-user and multi-machine real-time management and monitoring;

Technical Parameters of Electrostatic Test System

Factory default settings:

Wrist strap: 750KΩ~10MΩ Test range: 750KΩ – 100MΩ Accuracy ±5%

Electrostatic shoes: 100KΩ~100MΩ Test range: 750KΩ – 100MΩ Accuracy ±10%

Test Procedure

Electrostatic Test Procedure

  • 1. The inspector must first insert the wrist strap into the test hole; (ready to test)
  • 2. Stand with both feet on the detection board and swipe the card or verify the fingerprint; (verify the identity)
  • 3. Touch the metal button on the detector with your finger; (start detection)
  • 4. The moment the inspector touches the metal sheet, the inspection can be realized and completed. (According to the test results to determine whether to release)

Warranty Policy:

This equipment provides one-year warranty from the date of acceptance, and all faults are repaired free of charge. Response within 24 hours in China, remote guidance for foreign customers to troubleshoot, and response within 48 hours in case of unavoidable failure of customers

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