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Application of Industrial Computer in Lithium Battery Detection

Application of Industrial Computer in Lithium Battery Detection

  • The development of science and technology has put forward higher and higher requirements for the performance and quality indicators of lithium batteries. The development of battery protection circuit test systems is closely related to the development of the battery industry. The battery pack circuit test system is an important link in the comprehensive evaluation of battery assembly quality and technical performance, and an important process in the manufacture and production of lithium batteries.
  • Traditional test equipment and methods have long operating time and many instruments that need to be observed. Manual reading of test data and data analysis and calculation have affected the quality and accuracy of battery test to a certain extent.
  • In today’s lithium battery production, in order to ensure the production quality of lithium batteries, various professional measuring instruments are usually used to measure the size and specifications of lithium batteries, so as to ensure the specifications and standards of lithium batteries. At this time, lithium batteries are needed. Testing equipment, lithium battery testing equipment plays a vital role in manufacturing lithium battery cells and battery packs with high consistency, good stability and excellent performance. Through the real-time monitoring and traceability of lithium battery testing equipment, you can know the dynamics of the production line at any time, and you can quickly find out the cause of the problematic product, thereby improving production efficiency, increasing product qualification rate, and improving product overall performance.

Functional requirements of battery pack protection circuit test system:

  • Complete data communication with charging and discharging modules to realize systematic control;
  • Multiple groups of stations can be expanded, each station can be controlled independently, and independent parameters and test items can be set;
  • Covers a variety of battery pack protection circuit test functions: over-voltage charging protection, over-current charging protection, under-voltage discharge protection, overload protection, short-circuit protection;
  • Automatically collect the voltage and current data in the test process and display it in the form of a waveform chart. The historical data of each test process can be saved for recall;
  • Programmable control of the entire test process, different protection items can be automatically carried out in sequence.


  • Choose the mode of upper computer and lower computer control, the upper computer performs data management, waveform display and communication with the lower computer;
  • The lower computer selects a programmable controller for control, and performs measurement through a high-precision A/D conversion module. The high-precision D/A conversion module independently controls the test voltage, test current and discharge current of each channel without affecting each other;
  • Through the management system, the waveform can be displayed in real time, data storage, and historical records can be played back for easy query;
  • The system adopts windows humanized interface, which is easy to operate. At the same time, it can automatically set the power supply voltage, charging current, discharge current and other test parameters, and automatically complete the entire test process, which can ensure the safety and reliability of the instrument.