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CE Heavy Duty Parking Advertising Boom Barrier Gate
  • CE Heavy Duty Parking Advertising Boom Barrier Gate
  • CE Heavy Duty Parking Advertising Boom Barrier Gate

CE Heavy Duty Parking Advertising Boom Barrier Gate

Model No.: EF-AB001

  • Three-generation encoder limit movement
  • Buffer support feet
  • Strengthen aluminum profile blades and optimize the design of wind resistance
  • No power transmission structure

CE Heavy Duty Parking Advertising Boom Barrier Gate


3.2m EF-AB001 Advertising boom barrier is another medium of out of home Advertising or Outdoor Media Advertising. It is safer, more valuable, and more beautiful. Nowadays, advertising stays everywhere. A combination of parking and advertising is a creative idea that serves both the purpose of security and marketing.

EF-AB001 traffic barriers are a mosaic of high strength aluminum blades. It is a perfect combination of optics and electricity that is designed for 24X7 operations. The barrier housing is a very rugged and sturdy material which is splash proof and dust proof to avoid corrosion so it can be mounted outdoor without any covering/housing. Both barrier housing and arm plate are equipped with LED lights which can be controlled via timer for setting up of time wise activations. It has inbuilt pressure sensor which performs the auto open function.

It also has anti – crash function which enables the barrier remains open if any car stay under the arm. The length of the boom and arm plates can be customized per the requirement. The bottom of the boom is sealed with rubber which prevents the barrier in case of any unwarranted incidents. Boom plate turns while boom lifts for displaying the advertising function.

At night with a well-lighted background, Advertising is more beautiful on the barrier. The barrier can be operated in multiple ways through remote controller, push button and long range reader. The barrier can be operated manually in case of a power failure or emergency.

Advertising Barrier EF-AB001 Parameters:

  • Working voltage: 220V+10%/50HZ
  • Motor power: 180W~250W
  • Working environment temperature: -30℃~80℃
  • Relative humidity: ≤95%
  • Rod length: 3.8 meters (special length can be customized)
  • The number of advertising flaps (pieces) depends on the length of the rod Advertising flap size: 92.5mm*830mm
  • Light box screen size: square 920mm*390mm
  • Inclined: 450*920mm
  • LED strip power: 16.7A 200W
  • The height after lifting: the lever is determined by the length of the lever
  • Lifting time: generally 5~6 seconds (special requirements can be customized)
  • Center height of upper beam: 1050 mm
  • Remote control distance: ≤40m
  • Input interface: +12V
  • Level signal or pulse signal greater than 100ms, drive current is less than 10mA
  • Square chassis size: 460×370×1220mm
  • Inclined chassis size: 550×470×350×1220mm
  • Square all-in-one chassis size: 460×370×1350mm
  • Inclined all-in-one chassis size: 550×470×350×1350mm

CE Heavy Duty Parking Advertising Boom Barrier Gate

Product Introduction of Advertising Barrier

The print advertising barrier EF-AB001 adopts the appearance design of the iPhone Apple machine, coupled with the calmness of agate black, which is simple and stylish, giving people a noble and atmospheric feeling. It can not only manage the orderly entry and exit of vehicles, but also achieve a huge advertising effect through its unique advertising form. And its multiple safety features such as: anti-smashing pressure wave, anti-smashing rubber tube, ground sense anti-smashing, priority of opening the brake, etc., make users more assured and worry-free.

Automatic Safety Parking Boom Barrier Gate

Features of Advertising Barriers

The case is waterproof, sturdy and durable, and can be used in outdoor environments; closed fence barriers prevent people from passing through randomly and increase community safety.

The cabinet has been processed by multiple processes such as pickling, phosphating, electrostatic spraying of polyester powder, and high-temperature hot-melt baking. It has obtained excellent weather resistance, scrubbing resistance and UV resistance, and it is guaranteed not to fade for more than three years.

The appearance is simple and generous, with the best viewing angle of the advertising light box and the flip-board advertising space, the flip-board can be detached separately, the screen is easy to change, and the operation is simple.

This system can choose soft rubber tube to prevent smashing, and other protective equipment such as air pressure wave to prevent smashing, so that the system has functions such as anti-smashing cars and people.

A variety of control methods are available for users to choose. Both can be connected to an external cable or can be remotely remotely controlled to control the rise, fall, stop, and wind protection of the barrier.

Using multiple protection measures (motor thermal protection, low temperature protection, wind protection, anti-electric protection, anti-lightning protection, etc.), the safety and reliability of the gate operation have been greatly improved.

It integrates optical, electrical and mechanical control, flexible and convenient operation, safe and reliable to use.

Used with the optional vehicle detector, it can have the functions of “automatically drop the bar after a car passes” and “automatically lift the bar after the car is dropped”, so that the gate can have automatic closing and perfect anti-smashing functions .

It has the function of opening priority, which can effectively improve the efficiency of vehicles passing through the passage.

The system adopts a standard electrical interface to the outside, which can be easily connected with other systems selected by the user.

Advertising light boxes and flip-board advertisements are equipped with LED light strips, adjustable time control, or light sensing control, energy saving and electricity saving.

All moving parts have been adjusted to the best state of motion and balance. The machine has stable performance, stable operation, low noise and long service life.

CE Heavy Duty Parking Advertising Boom Barrier Gate

CE Heavy Duty Parking Advertising Boom Barrier Gate

CE Heavy Duty Parking Advertising Boom Barrier Gate

CE Heavy Duty Parking Advertising Boom Barrier Gate


CE Heavy Duty Parking Advertising Boom Barrier Gate

CE Heavy Duty Parking Advertising Boom Barrier Gate


Push Button
Loop Detector
Boom Stand
Remote Control with Receiver
LED Strip
Flashing Lamp
Key Switch
UHF Reader
Safety Photocell


It is suitable for schools, hotels, garden villa communities, parking lots, enterprises and institutions and other occasions. These boom barriers are popularly used in commercial places like shopping malls, exhibition centers, hotel entrance, public institutions, office premises, and theme parks.

Installation Project Show:

CE Heavy Duty Parking Advertising Boom Barrier Gate

CE Heavy Duty Parking Advertising Boom Barrier Gate

CE Heavy Duty Parking Advertising Boom Barrier Gate

CE Heavy Duty Parking Advertising Boom Barrier Gate

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