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Moment Railing Boom Barrier for Expressway
  • Moment Railing Boom Barrier for Expressway
  • Moment Railing Boom Barrier for Expressway
  • Moment Railing Boom Barrier for Expressway
  • High Speed Servo Motor Safety Boom Barrier Gate

0.9S Moment Railing Boom Barrier for Parking Lot

Model No.: EF-BB109S

  • Arm length: no more than 3 meters pole
  • Carbon fiber rod
  • Lifting time: 0.9 seconds
  • With anti-collision function
  • Poles using carbon fiber poles
  • Mainly for expressways

Moment Railing Boom Barrier for Parking Lot


  • Special torque railing boom barrier for expressways, with a designed service life of more than 5 million times, and no damage to people or vehicles;
  • Working environment minus 35 degrees to minus 70 degrees;
  • Independently patented one-piece mold forming cast aluminum structure, machining accuracy is less than 0.2mm, triple rainproof structure;
  • There is no independent reducer to reduce the point of failure;
  • 32-bit high-performance processing ARM core, 72MHZ performance processing capability, to ensure fast response to user operations;
  • Support 3D stereo device status detection, high-speed sampling frequency and up to 10-bit data sampling accuracy to ensure fast and stable operation of the device; automatic calibration at startup, completely avoiding re-tuning work caused by on-site installation differences;
  • A variety of speed movement options are available, suitable for places such as vehicle entrances and exits, ports, and airport high-speed toll stations with high traffic volume and high security levels.
  • It can be attached with the function of de-sticking to signal (not standard configuration). When the barrier of the barrier is forced open, the controller provides a signal from normally closed to normally open, which can be used for roadblock machines or lifting columns.

Main Technical Parameters

  • Performance index: EF-BB109S
  • Power supply voltage: AC220V
  • Power frequency 50/60Hz
  • Motor rated power: 150W
  • Motor rated speed: 30 r/min
  • Motor rated torque: 20N·m
  • Standard railing length: 2.5M
  • Operating noise: ≤60dB
  • Handling time: 0.9s
  • Railing drop time: 1.0S
  • Operating life: ≥5 million times

Operating Environment

Ambient temperature: -35ºC~+75ºC
Relative humidity: 50%~90%

Torque motor:

  • 1. Aluminum alloy integrated mold casting
  • 2. No independent reducer, reducing failure rate
  • 3. The running speed is fast and stable; the service life is more than 5 million times
  • 4. Locked-rotor characteristic guardrail protects its own mechanical mechanism and controller under the condition of external force interference
  • 5. Anti-low temperature grease

High-speed railing gate controller:

High Speed Servo Motor Safety Boom Barrier Gate

  • 1. Industrial-grade electronic components, surface three-proof paint treatment, optocoupler isolation protection
  • 2. Hall limit is set at the motor rotor to increase the detection range, improve the running stability and reduce the impact
  • 3. Flexible start
  • 4. Rebound in case of resistance
  • 5. Full data management, digital setting of function parameters
  • 6. Self-fault detection, alarm and status monitoring
  • 7. Anti-smashing car function


  • 1. Aluminium alloy integrated mold casting, mass production standard, high processing accuracy, no deformation, etc.
  • 2. All stainless steel screw connection
  • 3. Support left and right swap
  • 4. Railing anti-collision automatic debarking function
  • 5. The pole can be lifted after power off
  • 6. The octagonal rod and round rod can be replaced
  • 7. The round railing is made of stainless steel and pearl cotton to eliminate the hidden dangers of smashing people and cars
  • 8. A variety of speed specifications are available
  • Size: 350*350*1020(mm)
  • Motor power: 80W Input voltage: 220V
  • Configuration pole: stainless steel round pole (up to 3 meters), aluminum alloy octagonal pole (up to 6 meters), fence pole, folding arm pole (up to 4 meters)

Safety Precautions

  • EF-BB109S series high-speed railing machines have undergone rigorous design, manufacturing and testing, and have been properly adjusted before leaving the factory. During installation and use, if the operation is not strictly required in the installation manual, it may cause personal injury or equipment damage;
  • In order to ensure the safety of your operation and reduce unnecessary accidents, please read the operating procedures in detail before installation and operate in strict accordance with the installation manual.
  • The correct installation and use of the high-speed gear can fully obtain the quality promise and perfect after-sales service promised by the manufacturer;
  • EF-BB109S series of high-speed railings are suitable for automatic toll collection systems at highways, parking lot entrances and exits, and customs checkpoints;

Safety Matters

  • When the railing is raised and lowered, it is strictly forbidden for anyone to stand or walk under it; within the range of 90º that the railing is hit and rotated, it is strictly forbidden to stand or place objects;
  • When operating, pay attention to observe the ups and downs of the railing and its surroundings. During the raising and lowering process of the railing, if there is no special situation, the raising and lowering of the railing should not be stopped;
  • In the event of a power failure, the power supply should be cut off, and the railing should be manually lifted (lift the pole directly); after the power is received, turn on the power supply;
  • Installation and wiring must be carried out in accordance with building construction standards and electrical operating regulations;
  • The power cord must be connected to a socket with grounding protection, and it is forbidden to remove the grounding lead on the power cord;
  • Adjust the tension spring, set the operating mode, install the infrared detection device, etc., be sure to ask professionals to operate;
  • The air switch is connected to AC220V, and the car stop must be grounded.

Installation Cases

0.3s ETC Boom Barrier for Expressways

0.9S Moment Railing Boom Barrier for Expressway


0.9S Moment Railing Boom Barrier for Expressway

0.9S Moment Railing Boom Barrier for Expressway

0.9S Boom Barrier Video

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